W11: Ribbon Message

Ribbon messages are attached on any funeral tribute floral design 

Each piece of ribbon will fit approximately 5-7 words

If more words are required please add extra ribbon to your messages 

Examples of messages 
English short funeral messages
  1. Forever in our thoughts.
  2. Gone but never forgotten.
  3. Thinking of you always.
  4. You will be sorely missed.
  5. May you rest in peace.
  6. With love and fond memories.
  7. In loving memory.
  8. Always in my heart.
Serbian short funeral messages
  1. zauvek ostajes u nasim mislima
  2. nikad te necemo zaboraviti
  3. poslednji pozdrav dragom/dragoj
  4. pocivaj u miru
  5. vecno ostajes u nasim srcima

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